The Attorneys of Ghislaine Maxwell, who was the right-hand man to Jeffrey Epstein and lead child procurer, are asking a federal judge to keep a group of records sealed.

The attorneys argue in a court a filing, that the public’s interest in the documents is outweighed by privacy considerations and the potential impact a release of the documents could have on an ongoing criminal investigation into alleged accomplices of Epstein. Listen we know that’s all just smoking mirrors as they’re banking on all investigation to come to a major fault and not go forward, nice try though Maxwell.

The records of interest have to deal with the case in a lawsuit against Maxwell in 2015 by none other than Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a long time victim of Epstein. The case which was settled in 2017, which Roberts filed a defamation lawsuit contained the names of high profile celebrities, regular joes, business associates, and of course royalty.

Maxwell must be sweating bullets as she’s the one who may have apparently given up those names of interest. Maxwell’s attorneys argue were given under an expectation of confidentiality that had been agreed to by both sides in the dispute, according to Maxwell’s court filing. Most of the docket was redacted for public view or has been sealed since.

“This series of pleadings concerns [Giuffre’s] attempt to compel Ms. Maxwell to answer intrusive questions about her sex life,” Pagliuca wrote. “The subject matter of these [documents] is extremely personal, confidential, and subject to considerable abuse by the media.” Keep in mind these lawyers are grasping for straws when they say what their truth really is for Ghislaine, “were gratuitous and served no legitimate purpose.”

Maxwell attorneys argue that the bulk of the sealed documents and exhibits should stay sealed, contending that they when they were submitted by Giuffre’s attorneys and because many of the documents contain the names of dozens of non-parties who have yet to receive notice that the records could be made public.

Giuffre has advocated for near-total disclosure of the records, while Maxwell and attorneys for the intervening individual have urged Preska to carefully balance the intense public interest in the case against potentially “life-changing” reputational damage that could befall those whose names are made public. Because the parties reached a confidential settlement, the allegations leveled in the dispute are unproven, having never been tested by an independent trier of fact.

Ghislaine has denied all claims. “She absolutely denies that she participated in this or any other sexual abuse or trafficking or assault, and no court, judge or jury has ever determined that she has,” an attorney for Maxwell wrote last month in a related case. If there’s a real judge in this country they’ll uphold the law. Here’s hoping they go to prison, everyone involved.

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