The 55-year-old veteran and Fox News anchor, Shepard Smith, has left the conservative media outlet he joined 23 years ago.

Friday’s “Shepard Smith Reporting” was his last broadcast, per a statement from Fox News Media president Jay Wallace.

Smith called it an “honor and my pleasure” to have served on the network he helped launch in 1996. The Mississippi native signed off on an optimistic note punctuated by words of support for fellow reporters.

Fox News Anchor Shepard Smith Resigns on Air 2 shepard smith

Smith’s objective and sometimes tenacious coverage of the Trump Administration was widely seen as an anomaly at Fox News because like most cable news channels agenda-driven pundits thrive like Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro who draw big ratings. The other networks can’t compete with Fox’s ratings.

Recently Smith has become known for taking honest shots at the president finding himself criticized by President Trump for his efforts. The commander-in-chief singled out Smith in a Thursday tweet that complained: “Fox News doesn’t deliver for US anymore!”

Fox News Anchor Shepard Smith Resigns on Air 3 shepard smith

I’ve always been a fan of Shepard’s and he will truly be missed, we can love president trump to eternity it doesn’t mean we can’t accept the truth because nobody is perfect.

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