Twitter is on fire right now as reports are coming in reporting that former Governor Jesse Ventura has submitted a letter of interest to the Green Party to run for the party’s presidential nomination, is it true?

Would you vote for Jesse Ventura to be President?
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April 23, 2020 - November 4, 2020
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What if Jesse ends up Running as a member of the Green Party?

Jesse Ventura belonged to the Reform Party that Donald Trump ran under in 2000 started by Ross Perot and the eventual nominee then was Pat Buchanan. I believe the more parties the better it is as we don’t have two gangs running the country as it’s imperative voters reject the US duopoly eventually and this could shut out Biden with a Ventura vs Trump at the forefront of this election which would be electric in their debates.

This could definitely give the Green Party a boost with name recognition and possibly the funding they need o to expand their platform even if Jesse doesn’t win still bank them 8-10 million for 2024.

We are truly voting for the same party regardless if you vote for Republican or Democrat, it is just a matter of do you prefer your candidate wearing the home color jersey or the away color. Not much change will happen voting one of those clowns over the other, with the exception of Trump who is and has been a welcomed wild card.

Switch at the Convention or Dagger for the Democrats?

Maybe the DNC is going to pit former friend vs friend on the ticket since they’ve realized them shoving Dementia Joe down the throats of the democratic voters hasn’t really been a good idea. Just look at the ads Trump released that last few days, Joe Biden will get cooked alive. It may not Bernie at the convention, it could be Jesse who isn’t a demented scandalous vile candidate they need. That’s just a thought though.

If the DNC is making a switch at the convention, Jesse Ventura has more executive experience than Biden, Jesse(68) is younger than Biden(77), represents a key Midwestern state in Minnesota and military veteran being a former navy seal.

However, another way to look at Jesse’s possible Green Party/third party announcement concerns the ‘Bernie Bros’. They won’t like this as much from their perspective as Bernies shot to be nominated at the convention which I personally think is still in play, could cement Biden’s nomination by the DNC because the party will get scared and play it stupid and stay with Joe.

The ‘Bernie Bros’ could hurt Joe Biden in the general election as the disdain for the establishment will be in full effect as they will want to make a statement and swing votes for Jesse as one twitter user pointed out hours ago.

Another question to ponder if he does run who would Jesse pick as VP? Bernie? That would derail the entire democratic party and flip the entire system on its head even more so than what President Trump did to the establishment in 2016?

The Spin!

It’s been documented President Trump and Ventura were good friends at one point in their lives that share a key parallel between his election and Trump’s. Voters didn’t like the “establishment” candidates and voted for the person who “tells it like it is” and took a populist platform that Trump mirrored his campaigns to Jesse’s governorship win in Minnesota.

I can see “tomorrow’s” headlines now that Jesse Ventura is interested in running for president, watch out for the “Jesse Ventura is a Russian asset” accusations from Neo-Liberals. But will they?

Could there be some ploy between the democrats and Jesse as he hinted at running for president in September of last year? But the mainstream media will automatically dub Ventura a Russian duo aimed to take out Biden and the American system. Don’t forget Jesse has a show on RT which I’m sure they will bury the first thing in the morning.

Liberals will argue that Jesse running further gives Trump a 2nd term is going to be another major piece of rhetoric they used that was so instrumental in persuading Bernie supporters to vote for Biden.

What are your thoughts?

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