A Roman Catholic Bishop, Nicholas DiMarzio, from Brooklyn who was named by Pope Francis to investigate the church’s response to clergy sexual abuse in Buffalo, New York, has himself been accused of sexual abuse of a child.

The attorney, Mitchell Garabedian, who represents the abused victim, Mark Matzek, said these crimes took place in the mid-’70s when DiMarzio was working in Jersey City at the time. Matzek claims that DiMarzio and a fellow priest named Albert Mark who is now dead committed these devilish crimes.

Garabedian will file next month as New Jersey enacts it’s “look back” period in which sex abuse victims will be permitted to file lawsuits without regard to the statute of limitations, which typically limits the amount of time in which an alleged victim may file suit according to the AP. Matzek is suing for $20 million for his damages.

These alleged crimes took place while Matzek was an altar boy and a student at St. Nicholas school. If these allegations turn out to be true, I hope that more victims stand up and expose these pedophiles who falsely work in the name of Jesus Christ. They all have a hot, miserable eternal hell to look forward to.

You have to ask yourself with the information that’s out there about the catholic hiding’s of priests names, shouldn’t they already of known about DiMarzio? So why would Pope Francis assign him this role as investigator of another diocese under fire for sexual abuse? It looks to me that it’s what it’s always been, an inside job. It’s a cover-up.

The AP also wrote that “Maria Margiotta, the spokeswoman for the Newark Archdiocese, said it has received Garabedian’s letter and reported Matzek’s allegations to law enforcement.”

I’ve said quite a few times that as a Catholic I’ve been disgusted and will always be disgusted by people who commit these crimes and those who protect them. Pope Francis is not a leader he’s an enabler to those he protects and he continues to protect these pedophiles going back all the way to his days in South America. Francis needs to GO! This “oversight” I’m sure they’ll claim, cannot be overlooked.

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