Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter has finally submitted his resignation from Congress after pleading guilty to misusing campaign funds in December. He will officially resign on Monday, January 13, 2020. He pleaded guilty to misusing $250,000 in campaign funds.

In August 2018 he was caught spending campaign funds on family vacations to Italy and Hawaii, tuition for their children, theater tickets, groceries, restaurant bills, dental visits and even plane tickets for their pet bunny, Eggburt, to travel alongside them. How ridiculous and inconsiderate.

There are zero excuses for using taxpayer money for your own benefit especially if people give you their hard working money to help give you an advantage, but yet Hunter only took advantage and didn’t care. The low life shamed congressman was sly because he sited for the new year so he’s able to still collect one last paycheck and probably his pension. I hope he pays every cent back to everyone he robbed.

He was in full spin zone on twitter not even mentioning his guilty plea and walked around the crime he committed, typing his service but looking to cover his ass in the future if you ask me.

“After three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, I was elected to the House and brought with me lessons I learned during my service in the Marine Corps and the values instilled by my father who held this seat before me,” Hunter wrote.

Hunter faces up to five years in prison and hopefully he Laurie Laughlin can be cellmates of the sort.

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