One day after Trump threatened to shut down “large sections” of the U.S.-Mexico border, the U.S. is cutting off federal aid to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras in response to what Trump described as incoming migrant caravans from those countries. It’s estimated that number is around $500,000,000.

It’s truly a genius approach, there are several ways to look at this. Why is is a good approach? Well, we send aid to help them take care of their people. If their people are coming to us, then we’re already having to pay to take care of them here. Cutting funding may compel them to get the migration situation under control. Isn’t that a legit argument?

On the other hand, we assist them with federal aid, but we don’t take care of them. They have massive problems in their countries for all sorts of reasons, and cutting off the funds we might send will just make things worse and cause MORE desperation. Because if that foreign aid was really going to the people of those countries would they be in an uproar to leave? Isn’t all the money just going to the government if that’s the case?

It’s very similar to how it was with Egypt several years ago, we put Hosni Mubarak in power 40 years ago and he was a horrible choice. He was so bad to citizens of Egypt, however, then we threatened him with cutting aid after giving billions to him. Soon after they had a revolution. The blame should be placed on Congress, because of Trump just here, he isn’t culpable just yet. The money we are sending these countries is not going to the people. By cutting off aid we are letting the governments know that if they don’t start taking care of their people there will be no more money.

I’ve never understood how countries that have been established way longer than the United States don’t have their shot in order. How is it these countries have a history of thousands of years and their countries are worse off then they were? How is this even possible? This is what’s caused the United States to be the policemen of the world, in some cases good but mostly worse.

In reality, we shouldn’t be paying foreign countries for anything, they need to get their shit together & learn to govern themselves! In this country, you hopefully join the military to serve your country, in some countries like this you join the military to survive and that’s where things get worse and stay worse.

Moreover, Federal foreign aid to these countries doesn’t help the poor as I eluded to earlier, not one cent goes to any social programs, it goes to pay the repressive military and to maintain the corrupt political establishments that run those countries. The poor haven’t seen any benefit from it. Well, people, its time to stand up for your countries and win, wanting to come to the United States is nice and all but learn our history and maybe you’ll learn how win a revolution that sticks.

Its the job of the president to protect our Country and the responsibility of Congress to do its job and make laws to protect it, people need to read the Constitution. Do you think cutting off aid will prevent them from coming here?

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