Robert Mueller’s office has notified Judge Amy Berman Jackson about an Instagram post from Roger Stone that could be in violation of Judge Jackson’s strict gag order on Stone. Moreover, federal prosecutors also told a judge that there is an introduction in Roger Stone’s new book, which discusses his case, and is the subject of the current court filings.

However, I think the big question legally here is whether or not Roger Stone’s book that was written and printed before a gag order, yet released afterward, violate the order? The book is already available on Amazon and Google.

Down below is the actual cover of the book that’s been repackaged with a newer version written by Roger Stone but now has an updated “explosive new introduction.” Roger Stone stands firmly saying that not a single word was written after February 21, 2019, and that it was all written prior to that date of the gag order. The book could be considered ex post facto.

Breaking News: Did Roger Stone Just Violate His Gag Order? 2 Roger Stone

Either way, it’s going to come down to semantics and specificity will be very important on what the precise wording of Judge Jackson’s gag order literally said and whether or not Roger Stone was capable of postponing the book or not. The boo is available for purchase below.

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