Interesting and beneficial stories we should have paid more attention to this past month, with some headlines that may shock you.

The Headlines

Coconut oil ?

Epidemiologist & Harvard professor Dr. Karin Michels has made headlines in the last few weeks claiming that coconut oil is extremely dangerous to the body. The danger stems from the saturated fat coconut oil contains and calls it “pure poison” even though 72% of Americans call it a healthy food while 37% nutritionist does not. Coconut oil contains tremendous amounts of saturated fats.
So while some health nuts claim that the product could be an elixir, it may very well be overblown, we probably need some more detailed studies before condemning it to the dustbin of pure junk food.

Wrinkly Foreheads?

Before you start sprinting run to look in the mirror or to grab your phone, don’t freak out just yet. A recent French study found people who have more deep forehead wrinkles than is typical for their age might have a higher risk of dying from heart disease, the French researchers found.
Those with the deepest wrinkles on their brow had nearly 10 times the death risk from heart problems as those with no wrinkles at all, even after adjusting for other risk factors, researchers report. But the study did not prove that forehead wrinkles cause heart risks to rise, and other heart experts remained skeptical.

Wedding History ?

Can you hear the bells ringing? This past month on August 18th, 2018, the record was set for the most weddings ever held on one day in the United States. On August 18th there were 28,633 weddings, with guests and wedding costs surpassing over $1 billion.
This doesn’t even include flight or gas travel, with each wedding averaging nearly 140 guests, with 3.9 million guests in total. I think I found a new career?.

Catholic Church & Pedophilia?

On August 14, 2018, a Grand Jury indicted 300 priests for a minimum 1,000 cases of sex abuse in Pennsylvania, over a 70-year span. Said it could be more than 5,000 victims.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said in the diocese of Pittsburgh, the grand jury named “99 priests, including a group of priests who forced a victim to pose naked as Christ on the cross while they took pictures which they then shared.”
The victims of this abuse I say unto you may god bless you, he has never forgotten you. Those men took your innocence away and they will pay. The AG and the victims are my heroes.

John McCain Dead?

I have no sympathy for John McCain. I’m tired of people kissing his ass now that he’s dead when they never liked him in the 1st place when he was alive.
John McCain was a fucking warmonger who sent thousands of people to die, voted for wars, didn’t hold up his oath to the constitution, voted on the patriot act, was a mainstay at parties with these pedophiles, wanted the war in the middle east to last 100 years and that’s just the beginning. May God have mercy on your soul.

Monsanto Is Over With?

The merger between Bayer & Monsanto is officially done. The purchase of Monsanto cost nearly $67 billion. Bayer executives refuse to mention the name Monsanto de to its poor reputation and the name alone causes controversy.

R.I.P. Jim The Anvil Neidhart?

Jim The Anvil Neidhart died on August 13, 2018, due to a head injury. Bret Hart is the only living member of the Hart Foundation left.

Tiger Woods Comeback ?

The King of Golf is back Jack. After what happened in the U.S. Open and Tiger Woods in contention the world was watching and Tiger still reigns supreme as Golfs Ratings King. Tiger has not done this well in years, he did better this time around and shot his lowest score in ever. I’m just happy that he’s back and hopefully, we get to see him in the Ryders Cup, and win a few more majors.

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