The CBP announced that an unidentified, undocumented Mexican man died at the Las Palmas Medical Center in Texas after being diagnosed with multiple health problems. The 40-year-old Mexican immigrant died in US custody the fourth dead in recent months. The unidentified man died after being diagnosed with flu-like symptoms, liver failure, and renal failure

Another Dead In Customs and Border Security? 1 Customs and border security

With this being the fourth death in recent months including two children, you have to wonder if the number of immigrants dying in CBP custody as a result of “flu-like symptoms” is a coincidence or not. CBP holding cells are nicknamed “hieleras” for a reason.

Dying in border patrol custody is not a coincidence, however lets be real honest here don’t try and come here illegally and you probably won’t die. To be fair it’s a little odd to say the least.

Many people die in virtually every hospital across the country after complaining of “flu-like symptoms”. These are sick people before they come in contact with CBP. Now if he was sick and the conditions of the holding area contributed I can see some minor fault, but would that have happened anyway if he didn’t attempt to come here illegally.

I don’t mean to sound harsh but renal failure he suffered from is kidney failure, the only cure is a kidney transplant, was the US supposed to just get him a kidney? That’s a legitimate question. Were they supposed to move him to the head of the waitlist? It’s tragic, but not something that’s the fault of the government, I can only see if conditions enhanced the symptoms of his illness.

105 people die every minute, 83 people in 9 years have died at CBP, that’s actually pretty good. I hate to look at it that way but who is to blame for this? Please subscribe below!

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