First of all I just want to say this is all my opinion. To my fellow Trump supporters please know it’s okay to be upset, It’s okay to feel how you feel, know that you’re not alone because most people outraged over the election like us, more than likely do feel outraged very much the same way you do.

Self-control is the key to winning the battle within yourself especially when it pertains to your emotions. It’s tough, even moreso when we bottle those emotions up so fast, sometimes for long periods of time, to such an extent that you need to release. But please know that there are consequences to what we do and how we react and we are always going to be victim to ourselves if we cannot control the way we do things.

Do you think President Trump did a good job as commander in chief of this great country?

As Americans, as individuals, we have faced many more difficult things in our personal lives then what has happened in the country over the past several months and for those people who know the truth, it’s been much more longer than that.

Keep in mind that something like this should never ever happen again because the fear that was stoked into so many people in that building for the most part didn’t deserve it, somebody didn’t deserve to die as that young woman did, we are better then what we showed today as a whole. Americans are incredible individuals.

Our fight is not over, nor will it ever be until we are called by the man upstairs. We have 2024 and beyond, more importantly we have tomorrow and that is everything. We will go on living and fighting, we can decide what to do and how to go about that fight going forward and what we need to do to win inorder to correct this wrong coming January 20th.

Dear Trump Supporters Screw These Guys

We cannot become what they want us to be or become who we hate, particularly people like these former presidents (Clinton, Bush, Obama) preaching their thoughts on how shameful and disgusting they’ve all of a sudden become because Americans in Washington acted out today.

Are you willing to vote for President Trump again in 2024?

It’s laughable since it’s completely repugnant to the totality of each one of their adminstrations. The former leaders of this country spew this high moral standard of ethics when in reality their adminstrations and their actions spoke the opposite with evil intentions. You may argue President Trump had hate and his rhetoric was hateful, I think that there’s a fair point to be made there because words do matter.

What happens when his words are misconstrued by the people who are suppose to be the beacon of truth (MSM) and report it, but then distort it? You get outrage like today!

But let’s be honest, the MSM & the deep state have never cared to give us the truth because they’re afraid of what we might do with it!

Trump’s actions spoke different to me coming from a place of sincerity with what I believed to have our best interests at heart for our own benefit. Imagine the segments of the population on all sides of the political spectrum who are being fed propoganda from the “lion” and what they would do if they only knew the truth. See the light!

We don’t have enough evil in us to fuel the fire of hate like the president’s before Trump, we still have our souls! God bless this country and God bless everyone in it. Regardless if we agree with them or not a reckoning is coming from the Lord Almighty ??.

They ask, why Trump supporters did what they did today?

A Letter From Editor Big John to President Trump & Supporters on The Events at the Capitol 1 Trump
President Donald Trump

People want to know why Trump supporters acted like this today, well I can tell you partly when you have 5 years of nothing but bull s*** coming from both sides aisle to destroy a man who isn’t part of their deep state globalism agenda that’s a start.

Which one of Donald Trump's children would you vote for?

President Trump and his supporters have been railroaded and demonized before he even took office because of who they supported and who they thought was a benefit to their lives. It was an us vs them mentality, because the establishment forced to it to be that way, and the establishment has chosen to play victim often since it’s convenient for their narratives of regression.

It never helps when you have mainstream media that ignores all the good things he’s accomplished for Americans but it’s negated when they’ve reported 98% negative coverage on the man. People get tired of this orchestrated black cloud because it prevents their vote from being legitimized.

You have a congress who spent $50 million on false witch-hunts and baseless impeachments just to deter any positivity or the possibility for other Americans who don’t like him to see a glimmer of light in their future because of President Trump.

The fact that this president has not started a war in his entire term I office and they refuse to speak about that historic act of diplomacy is insane, despite his predecessors creating one after the other. Can I even say his foreign policy has been amazing because he fought for us not to be taken advantage of and not go broke which is what the world who is stealing from us were hoping for. The Trump administration has prevented many, many lives of Americans and their families from being destroyed because he didn’t give into the military industrial complex the way they wanted him to, his predecessors can’t say the same because their apart of it.

People say President Trump legitimized Kim jong-un by meeting with him, wrong, that’s how you do diplomacy, you speak about it. Look at Kennedy and Khrushchev, they spoke during the most dire tense time of the Cold war. He should be commended.

Should we even talk about gas prices? Because as an independent contractor I’m extremely happy where he got our gas prices to be and I’m sure you are too. But those are just some of the small things that you never heard him commended for but that’s just another layer to why today’s events transpired. Hell even President Trump was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for brokering peace deals in the middle East.

My Take on Today’s Events

While I do condemn the events in Washington DC today I think some good may have came out of it, there’s always some type of unity that follows with it on either side against acts of violence like we saw today, Congress has rejoined session to determine the election results however you may feel about that but I also have an interesting take to give and I’m not sure if you agree with me on that, hear me out.

Americans storming the capital today showed Congress and the deep state that they are not untouchable, that they can be gotten to, and I don’t mean in this in any negative way possible, please don’t misunderstand what I’m trying to say.

I mean in the way that they who feel as if they don’t matter can be heard, they feel that they’ll go to the utmost leghth to make you (Congress) listen. I compare what happened today and how unseen Americans have like to how people treat the homeless. How many of us have walked by a homeless guy when they’ve asked for your help, a dollar, some food, even a drink when they were in need to be heard, but are merely ignored. Well you know what Congress, You heard and saw the American people and they are in need.

75 million Americans will be heard soon because they feel robbed of an election that had so many errors then somehow flipped to a guy who shouldn’t even be running for office in Joe Biden.

Some Hardcore Truth

There is no need for hypocrisy and I will not tolerate it, nor should you, that’s what fuels the fire, the lies. I’ve seen people justify today’s actions by saying we are outraged but yet those are the same people who criticized people in the protest of George Floyd labeling them animals and mongrels back in May and June, yet some of them did the exact same thing today. Make no mistake people conflate justice with justification and they are two different things.

If these people were Muslims, African Americans, hispanics or literally anything but white, they would have been called terrorists, it would have been called a terrorist attack and a coup. The people then and now who committ crimes aren’t protesters, they are rioters and hypocrites.

The police are just as responsible for allowing this s*** to happen. Why did they do nothing? From what I heard listening to reports per verbatim one of the reporters said that the police were told to stand down by somebody, almost as if it was orchestrated to allow it to happen. I commented earlier on our Facebook page that Sarah Palin came out and said she has received many pictures involving the same people in today’s riots of the capital who were also in attendance during the riots in May and June.

A Letter From Editor Big John to President Trump & Supporters on The Events at the Capitol 2 Trump
Sarah Palin

The hypocrisy is extremely evident and crystal clear on both sides right now. Make no mistake though the reasons are completely different for why you had protests in May through July, compared to now, but again there’s many similarities in their truths. Make your minds up people don’t be fake simply because you can’t accept the truth, or your unwillingnessto do so.

If you blame Trump for this environment that’s on you, but that means you don’t know politics and you haven’t paid attention to this political uproar coming for over 20 years. That means you’re only tuned in when it’s convenient yet allow your ignorance to dominate your own logic. The same people on the left, about 80% of them, believe President Trump is a racist yet none of his legislation has ever been racist. Moreover, the guy they just elected to be Commander-in-Chief of this wonderful country has a tremendous track record of racist acts and racist legislation, what sense does that make? This idiocy has got to stop!

In conclusion Mr President…

President Trump you should be proud of what you’ve done, we know who you are, we know how you can be and we accept you for who you are which is the most important thing. I often say people don’t like you because they don’t like the reflection of themselves that they see in you, as flawed as you may be you’re atleaat upfront about it, when your critics turned a blind eye to their own shortcomings.

A Letter From Editor Big John to President Trump & Supporters on The Events at the Capitol 3 Trump
President Donald Trump

You’ve made people who voted for you and people who support you question everything and that’s a beautiful thing, because historically governments lie to it’s people and so does it’s press. Whether somebody likes you or not you made people get out and pay attention, you made people get out and vote, you made people be aware, you forced people to have conversations they didn’t want to have but needed to and practice their civic duty to participate in the Democratic process of this beautiful country no matter how flawed she may be.

Even if your critics can’t see the benefits right now you did your job and you did it well. Whether you run for President in 2024 or perhaps give your support to one of your children in four years, you broke the mould and should be proud. May God bless you for your service to the American people and making people feel special because you heard them. You put America first.

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