As the season begins, teams begin to find their strengths and weaknesses. The Chiefs have an explosive offense with a revamped defense. Mistakes on defense kept the Chiefs from playing for a championship. The Chiefs have improved just about every part of their defense, except the Cornerback position. In my opinion, this is the most glaring hole on defense, the one position where the team lacks depth and experience. This leads me to believe that the Chiefs will look to improve this position as the season goes on. The best way to improve a team during the season is to make trades. With that being said, here are 3 Cornerback trade possibilities:

Xavien Howard – Miami Dolphins

At age 26, Xavien Howard is the youngest of the CBs of these three options. Howard would be the most expensive to acquire to due his age and money already paid out by Miami. However, Miami has shown willingness to move on from players if they get great value. This trade would be expensive, but would provide the Chiefs with a long-term solution at CB. Howard was graded 16th at CB last year, per PFF

Projected Cost: 2020 1st round Pick + 2021 2nd Round Pick

Patrick Peterson – Arizona Cardinals

Peterson is suspended the first 8 games of this year, but he is best and most accomplished CB of the three. The Cardinals have been unwilling to move on from Peterson, but may see it necessary if the right deal comes around or to help their young QB, Kyler Murray. There is no doubt from me that Patrick Peterson is the best option to trade for at CB, but there is a chance he doesn’t ever become available. Peterson could be a player who signs a short extension as his contract expires after the 2020 season. PFF had Peterson as their 8th highest graded CB last year.

Projected Cost: 2020 1st Round Pick + 2021 4th Round Pick OR 2020 2nd Round Pick + 2021 2nd Round Pick

Darius Slay – Detroit Lions

This trade is something I’ve not heard mentioned a lot. Slay was the 18th graded CB, according to PFF. He was ranked close to CBs, such as Xavien Howard, A.J. Bouye, and Marshon Lattimore. Slay is 28 years old and only has two years left on his contract, including this year. He doesn’t have the name value of Patrick Peterson or upside and long-term value that Xavien Howard does, but he could be the only one of these three available. The Lions look to be in for rough year and it’s very possible they look to sell of pieces as they are on the fringe of a complete rebuild. Darius Slay could be the short-term option and the Chiefs need and may be the most realistic. Darius Slay could be the surprise trade, if he becomes available.

Projected Cost: 2020 2nd Round Pick + 2021 5th Round Pick