The 25 Greatest Pros In Sports History

I have based this on what the people have brought and meant to their respective games individually. I base this rank on the legend of the man and or woman how they have transcended the game. You may not agree, but please leave feedback and tell me who believe belongs and who you think should be taken off. I have not listed why, but hoping it’s evident in the name. Let’s get it:

25. Lance Armstrong

24. Vince Mcmahon

23. Lebron James

22. Jeff Gordon

21. Derek Jeter

20. Michael Phelps

19. Tony Hawk

18. Anderson Silva

17. Ric Flair

16. Jim Brown

15. Jerry Rice

14. Bo Jackson

13. Bruce Lee

12. Usain Bolt

11. Pele

10. Wayne Gretsky

9. Babe Ruth

8. Pat Summitt

7. Roger Federer

6. Lawrence Taylor

5. Joe Montana

4. Serena & Venus Williams

3. Tiger Woods

2. Muhammad Ali

1. Michael Jordan

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