Yesterday President Trump and several political and public figures honored recipients of the First Step Act, the bipartisan prison reform bill that Congress passed, and Trump signed, last year.“Unfair sentencing laws have contributed to poverty and crime,” said President Trump.

President Trump Pushes Jobs For All Americans Including former Prisoners✊ 1 Jobs

According to a White House press release, 721 federal inmates have received sentence reductions due to the FIRST STEP Act so far, 573 of which have been released.

President Trump please free the nonviolent drug offenders, end the drug war, provide these prisoners with a better image of what a better way life can be, whether for them or their respective families. Provide them a vision where recidivism rates will severely decrease over time and make marijuana a legal recreational product. Once steps like this are done the real first steps will be taken, and much like those first steps on the moon or albeit as a baby we never forget them.

President Trump Pushes Jobs For All Americans Including former Prisoners✊ 2 Jobs

The 1st step act on applies to federal inmates which compose of less than 15% of the federal population. I support the bill but it does not provide any sweeping reform for a sizeable majority of U.S. inmates. There are quite a few States that have either passed similar legislation and or are considering similar legislation at the State level as well.

Now many in society to need to ease into accepting, encouraging, and hiring ex-offenders instead of segregating them to make them feel they must serve another term of punishment in a so-called free society. Just because you went to prison doesn’t make you a bad person, it’s that you stupid things that weren’t right. This is probably the most positive thing that has happened in the past two years. Glad to see it is possible to get something done, it’s only the beginning.

President Trump Pushes Jobs For All Americans Including former Prisoners✊ 3 Jobs

Gregory Allen, as seen above, got love from President Trump yesterday, Allen is one of several beneficiaries of the First Step Act. “Two months ago, I was in a jail cell,” said Allen, and today, “I’m in the White House.” He says that’s “making America great again.” Simply incredible.

I applaud President Trump tremendously. Republicans like Nixon and its congress started this bull shot war in drugs and it locked innocent minorities and poor people of all colors up because it aimed to purposely imprison them. Then you had Clinton who upped the ante with his 1994 Crime Law, probably because of what was going on with Arkansas being the biggest drug smuggling State in the country at that time. The 1994 Crime Law was stupid and it hurt major minority communities.

Check out the entire press conference below:

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