Pizzagate Restaurant Nearly Set On Fire? 1 pizzagate

Pizzagate Restaurant Nearly Set On Fire?

A man who was tased and arrested at the Washington Monument has also been charged with trying to set a fire in the restaurant at the center of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory. Ryan Jaselskis was apprehended for jumping the fence at the Washington Monument two weeks ago, even leading to a fistfight with authorities.

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Officials later recognized his jacket from the security footage at Comet Pizza, when he tried to set it on fire. Federal prosecutors charged 22 yr old actor from CA in comet ping-pong fire. The suspect was caught by United Staes Park Police. The park police have offices in Washington D.C., New York, and San Francisco. Park Police tased him outside Washington Monument.

In 2016, the PizzaGate conspiracy theory alleging Hillary Clinton and others were running a human trafficking ring out of this Washington, DC pizzeria prompted a North Carolina man to enter the restaurant and fire off an assault rifle multiple times. The documents were been released by WikiLeaks who have never been proven wrong on anything they published. Even the Simpsons restaurant referenced it in one of their episodes saying it was the other pizza place, not this one.

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The Canon video posted to Ryan Jaselskis’ parents accounts an hour before prosecutors allege he tried to set Comet Pizza on fire. It’s the same one that has 1.2 million views from JoeM, one of YouTube’s most watched (and recommended) Qanon accounts.

I’m very intrigued even more because if it had to do with one conspiracy why would he hop the game to go to the Washington national monument? Pizzagate is real I truly believe it, especially since Wikileaks has never ever been proven wrong, and it came from their own mouths using code words people in that life utilize.

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All symbols that pedophiles and sex traffickers use according to the FBI

This was an interesting take by man from Twitter:

“Well if he is an actor from LA posting Qanon… is it fair to say he is possibly a child victim to pizzagate returning for revenge, or a crisis actor paid to make Qanon posters look like arsonists with zero credibility? Hmm… I’ll take child victim for 100.”

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