Pharmaceutical Death!

This is why I never take pills or have liked them. If they recall 600 pills mass consumed by the public you gotta think why? If they recall birth control for women you better hope its to improve it but doubt it. Because of “The Pill” breast cancer, cervical and liver cancer have shot up 50% in 10 years. if you take the pills for more than 5 years you have 98% chance of getting 1 of the 3. And if you don’t have any money, not making any money or the entirety of the U.S. economy you are fucked because you take more pills.The birth of white babies dropped by 1.6%, African American Births fell by 2.4%, and Hispanic births dropped 5.9%. The shift makes billions for stockholders and companies. So they want to feed you cancer.

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2 thoughts on “Pharmaceutical Death!”

  1. There are very few pills that offer solutions to disease or illness. But many people search for a “fix” of a “solution” in a pill so it is easy for pharmaceutical companies to use that to their advantage. Some pills do work, some do not. But over time it is the revealing of pills that were supposed to be terrific but are actually dreadful that makes cynics of us all.

    1. Absolutely agree with. That is the problem we are willing to settle. Which is completely indicative of human beings in general.

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