Operation Broken Heart has been underway for the past several months. This operation entailed a highly targeted sting to trap sex offenders, traffickers and pedophiles.

According to the Department of Justice, this sting took place during the months of March, April & May of this year. More than 2,300 pedophiles have been arrested nationwide. Every state in the United States participated in this joint sting. Involving agencies across local, state and federal levels. I have not been a fan of the Attorney General’s lately, but Jeff Sessions I applaud you. Jeff Sessions had much to say on this;

“No child should ever have to endure sexual abuse.
We at the Department of Justice are determined to strike back against these repugnant crimes,” he added. “It is shocking and very sad that in this one operation, we have arrested more than 2,300 alleged child predators and investigated some 25,200 sexual abuse complaints.
Any would-be criminal should be warned: this Department will remain relentless in hunting down those who victimize our children.”

Thank God and let’s all pray that they continue to round up these people, some of whom were probably victims of the same thing. There aren’t any excuses, but that’s the reality of it, it bigger than people realize.

It pisses me off that certain shit gets covered heavily regarding kids and guns 24 hours a day, however, 2,300 pedophiles arrested with over 25,200 complaints of crimes against children get no coverage from CNN, MSNBC, or CBS. Yet Fox is the only one that covered it.
Even though this operation was 3 months, 383 children have been identified. These kids may have been saved from future abuse, god willing. The abused will never be able to get their innocence back since it was stolen from them.
Now, what happens? Will the kids be thrown back in the system?
Foster care systems in this country don’t have a great reputation for keeping track of their children. Remember my article on 74 missing children from Kansas foster homes?
If the operation name for this sting doesn’t make you feel some type of way, then I don’t know what can.
Operation ‘Broken Heart’ is just the beginning. There is an epidemic in this country and beyond. None of those arrested were identified. If anything is to be realized, its that good is conquering evil.

To read more from the Department of Justice on this issue please visit,



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