God Me & My Life

Being strong is part of our destiny, just as much as it is in finding the strength itself. When you come to the end of life, you’re not going to answer to people, you’re going to answer to God.There will always be pressure to be this or be that. Everyone has their opinion, but in your heart, you know who you are. Don’t let people or pressures try to squeeze you into something that you’re not. Giving up your individuality is perhaps the worst thing you can do, you can lose yourself, and never be found again. I’m getting back on my “road” to being #1. The means have been justified in preparing me for my goals. God has given advantages and disadvantages according to the portion, size, and purpose of God. No matter how others judge and measure, this does not change your value in God’s eyes. Be grateful for the wonderful grace of life from God.

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    1. Thank you, one person doesn’t just go through life, we all do in many ways, just experience it differently. But suffee from the same things.

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