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When you get up your scent lingers, I can feel your touch when you’re not even there. Secret kisses, Countless hours of love. This sunny rainy day brings a smile to me with the tears of angels falling down. Cleanse our hearts, Cleanse our spirits. What time is […]

Sweet Talker

Smooth words escape your lips, Lies hide behind your eyes. Hey Sweet Talker, What do you see in my eyes? Do you know what I am going to say? Can you feel the tension in my heart? Can you hear the whispers in my heart? My heart is […]

Lovely Blue Bird

Stairway to my heart, But this is just the start. Will we ever come apart? Trading our smiles, Not knowing that its worth a while. To look up into the light, And hoping everything is going to be alright. I will grab you a star, And make it […]


I have to be the best. I have to win. I have to fight. I must draw blood. Someone who I dont know, blood is on my hands. Did I fight? Did I win? Have I conquered? Have I killed? But there is no weapon in my possession. […]