Are you Evolving? The 3 stages of evolution!

 People who can drive People into who they used  to be And they allow them to do it, are weak. Help is needed sometimes to go forward. There are only 3 things people do in stages its stagnation, Regression or progression in life. Things change, people don't. Adaptation is the key. Talk is very cheap but it is nice. But it means nothing if there are no actions behind it. Expulsion of a person who helps or expunging the memories In who helped advance the cause does nothing but defeating the purpose. 

Regression – If you constantly refuse to adapt and turn your nose at growing, and believe that the past is the new you, well, there is no doubt you will go back in life. Believing yesteryear is more suitable for you will definitely stunt your growth from a mind and soul point of view. But the only good thing about it is you go back and realize what you missed to better further yourself in life.

 Progression- Adaptation is the key to life! without accepting that progression is the way to live the life you won't have much of a real one.
 Stagnation - Perhaps the most complex of the three, stagnation is the by far the most tricky. Staying stagnant says you stay in limbo and it can be even more detrimental because people often feel like they have no purpose no matter how hard they try.
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