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There Will be 7 Impeachment Managers for Senate Trial Pelosi Says Including Adam Schiff

Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces 7 impeachment managers for Senate trial: “The emphasis is on litigators. The emphasis is on the comfort level in the courtroom. The emphasis is making the strongest possible case to protect and defend our Constitution.” In reality, these people have no say in the trial.

Pelosi named the impeachment managers who will serve as the prosecution team in the Senate trial. The list of House Democrats includes:

  • Adam Schiff
  • Jerry Nadler
  • Zoe Lofgren
  • Val Demings
  • Hakeem Jeffries
  • Sylvia Garcia
  • Jason Crow

Americans aren’t fooled by Pelosi’s continuation of a bull shit impeachment process, it’s merely more political games. Instead of working on behalf of the public, the propaganda machine is full force with this false narrative. It’s a total waste of time & taxpayer money.

Also, did anyone truly understand what the hell she said? It was muffled and slurred where I couldn’t figure out what the hell she was saying as she cracks her jaw continuously.

President Trump isn’t one of these people, and they hated it, they’ve always hated the fact that an outsider beat them at their own game. They’ve continued a process where the constitution has been set on fire by last administration and now House Democrats. The Senate has the opportunity to finish it off. Something is horribly wrong when impeachment becomes a game for the presidency.

The democrats are using impeachment to stop a criminal investigation into Joe Biden to rig the election for Joe Biden, just remember the Russians hacked into the oil company the Biden family was connected to so they could find dort on him last night, let’s hope they did.

California’s politicians have turned parts of their state into a third world country. They have serious problems with their drinking water because of their homeless population contaminating with feces among other things, fix your state first.

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