Attorney Michael Avenatti Arrested Last Night by the IRS 7

Attorney Michael Avenatti Arrested Last Night by the IRS

In other news, Michael Avenatti, former attorney to Stormy Daniels, was arrested again at a hearing involving revoking his law license. Federal prosecutors in Los Angeles say he violated the terms of his pretrial release which are under seal.

Avenatti was abruptly taken into federal custody by the IRS in Los Angeles, following a disciplinary hearing in which the California State Bar believes that Avenatti is a legitimate threat to the people of California if he was to continue practicing law.

Federal prosecutors had charged him with embezzlement, fraud, and extortion after allegedly stealing loads of money from many of his clients including his most famous one where they alleged he stole an extra $300,000 from Stormy’s book deal. That trial regarding Stormy Daniels begins in May in New York.

Attorney Michael Avenatti Arrested Last Night by the IRS 10

Avenatti is scheduled for trial next week in a Manhattan federal court as the jury selection for the case begins today. That trial pertains to allegations that he extorted Nike for up to $25 million.

Avenatti has said he has been unfairly targeted by the U.S. Justice Department after publicly quarreling with President Donald Trump, but prosecutors say otherwise. Avenatti has pleaded not guilty to everything.

So much for the Democrat’s presidential hopeful??‍♂️.

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