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Tom Hanks Officially Gets Citizenship in Greece by President

See ya!!! Tom Hanks, who co-produced “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” with his part-Greek wife, Rita Wilson, joined the Greek Orthodox Church and regularly vacations in Greece, has received honorary Greek citizenship.

Under Greek law, honorary naturalization may be granted to people “who have provided exceptional services to the country or whose naturalization serves the public interest.”

Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos signed an honorary naturalization order for actor Tom Hanks, president’s office tells Associated Press.

Hanks co-producing skills on “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” helped bring in a gigantic amount of money in the sum of $370 million when even in those days you didn’t have to make a billion dollars at the box office as you do now.

Hanks and his wife were also executive producers on the 2008 film adaptation of Broadway musical, “Mamma Mia!” and its 2018 sequel, both of which take place in Greece.

Listen I really like Tom Hanks as an actor, he’s excellent, but when it comes to his liberal bull shit he can go shove it up his ass.

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