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Trump Asking Supreme Court to Block Subpoena for his Taxes is Right!

President Trump is asking the Supreme Court to block a New York district attorney from enforcing a subpoena for his tax returns. Re: subpoena for his tax returns, Trump legal team files a 179-page brief arguing that “he is absolutely immune from all stages of state criminal process while in office.”

Congress can have access to 8 years of Trump’s tax records, an appeals court ordered so they are going back to 2011 from his accounting firm. His lawyers are arguing this is unprecedented and unconstitutional. Now the supreme court will decide whether they like it or not that sitting president can be prosecuted or even investigated for crimes they may have done or not.

None of this has gone the president’s way, he’s already lost every appeal in the courts prior to this and has lost another case wanting the financials for the exact same firm. That case deals with whether or not payoffs we’re made to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal according to the AP.

With the impeachment “witch hunt” continuing, the president has something positive to talk about since their star witness was destroyed by Jim Jordan yesterday. I’m with the president’s lawyers this has and is politically motivated how is it not? Most of the people in Washington who are for this impeachment hoax don’t like President Trump’s character because it reminds them of their own life of fiction since he doesn’t pull any punches, he tells it like it is and you can’t handle a loss that was almost three years ago! Get Over It!

However, if it does go bad and he is impeached by the House he will have to see the Supreme Court justice’s on more than one occasion.

Tell me how his information is important and necessary to attain? Because all this was before he was president. Why do you need to go back to 2011? Was he president then? No! The government thinks they can bully anyone they want but guess what he punches back and does it quicker and harder. They’ve met their match.

We all know Donald Trump messed with dirty people, Americans aren’t stupid, but there has been zero evidence proving he has done so while taking office. But that’s no justification to do the things the Democrats have purposely and continuously do to tarnish him, his voters, supporters, and presidency.

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