Nikki Haley to CBS “There's Nothing that Warrants the Death Penalty for the President.” - FinFlam

Nikki Haley to CBS “There’s Nothing that Warrants the Death Penalty for the President.”

In an excerpt from a CBS interview that will air tonight on CBS Evening News, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley ridiculed the notion of impeaching President Trump. “On what? You’re going to impeach a president for asking for a favor that didn’t happen and – and giving money and it wasn’t withheld?”

She went on to say, “Impeachment is, like, the death penalty for a public official. When you look at the transcript, there’s nothing in that transcript that warrants the death penalty for the president.”

The outspoken singer and apparent captain obvious, John Legend who he and his wife have had a public battle with President Trump came out on Twitter attempting to rebut the comments by Haley.

He continued in the tweet to say, “You seem like a very bright person. You obviously know he’s not morally or intellectually fit for office. I wish you would admit it for the sake of the nation and your own credibility.”

Legend has become a joke especially amid his latest outbursts against the president, he’s not who he thinks he is, on a stage, he thinks he has but doesn’t.

You can’t take a loss because acceptance is only beneficial when SJW makes a cause that seems suitable yet going completely keyboard is always justified, right? The fact is President Trump will win in 2020 and nothing will come of this. Nobody can beat him, and that’s what they hate.

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