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Senator John Kennedy mocks Nancy Pelosi: ‘It must suck to be that dumb’

Senator John Kennedy defended calling Speaker Nancy Pelosi “dumb” at a rally with President Donald Trump in his home state of Louisiana Wednesday evening.

Kennedy started off by praising the president and his intelligence then went about his performance in the White House.

“In three short years, President Trump has doubled the growth in the greatest economy in all of human history,” Kennedy boasted before asking, “and do you know what our Democratic friends have done for him? Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to impeach him.”

John Kennedy

“I didn’t mean it as disrespectful, I didn’t mean it as disrespectful at all,” Kennedy said Thursday.

To be fair he did premise the entire thing by saying he didn’t mean any disrespect, just saying.

But not everybody agrees with Kennedy’s sentiment about Speaker Pelosi. Former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill and Ohio Democrat Sherrod Brown was “disappointed” with how his fellow senator got swept up in the negativity:

‘He’s smarter than that, he’s funnier than that in person, he seems to have more principles than that… I guess, when you stand next to Donald Trump and you have that kind of crowd reaction, you play to it.’

Sherrod Brown

Brown went on to say that he believes Pelosi to be the best leader Congress has seen in the past century.

The fact that you think that she is, well fine, because you’re entitled to think whatever you want. My response to that is what the hell is wrong with you Sherrod?

Sen. Claire McCaskill threw an insult back at Kennedy, saying:

“It would take someone dumber than a rock to think that was not disrespectful. Talking to you John.”

Claire McCaskill

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