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Hanoi Jane Fonda Arrested for Climate Change Protest

Jane Fonda was among 16 persons USCP arrested today during climate change protest on Capitol steps. Fonda says she will demonstrate at the Capitol against climate change every Friday between now and January. USCP charged those arrested with “crowding, obstructing or incommoding.”

The arrest came after the legendary Hollywood actor and activist set off on her “Fire Drill Fridays” civil disobedience campaign, calling for action on climate change. A press release sent out today stated:

“Inspired by the growing movement of young climate strikers, Fonda decided to move to the nation’s capital for four months to take up their baton. She will be joined at every ‘Fire Drill Friday’ through at least mid-January by celebrities, scientists, economists and people from impacted communities who will speak and some of whom will invite arrest.”

As I’m sure you know this wasn’t the first time Fonda has been arrested. Many are familiar with the star’s famous mugshot where she holds her fist up as a sign of resistance. Her 1970 arrest occurred while she was on a speaking tour for an anti-Vietnam War campaign.

She had flown from Canada into Cleveland, Ohio, airport security allegedly searched her luggage and found multiple bags of vitamins they assumed were drugs. Fonda was then arrested and charged with drug smuggling until the vitamins were tested. After which, she was released and the charges were dropped.

The Oscar winner had recently moved from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. to be there and fight for this cause she says. She said stopping all new leasing permits for fossil fuel development on waters and public lands was the most important, “because no matter what we do, if that doesn’t stop, we’re doomed.”

She’s also calling for a gradual discontinuation of fossil fuel use over 30 years while ensuring that employees can find work in other industries.

This isn’t like all of the celebrities who promised to leave the U.S. if Trump won? Right? She’s actually doing something to put her money where her mouth is. I’ll be watching with a sense of satisfaction as she dons her leg warmers and does aerobics on the steps of the Capitol to keep warm.

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