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Katie Waldman will be Mike Pence’s New Press Secretary

Pence has tapped Katie Waldman as his new press secretary, Pence’s Chief of Staff Marc Short confirmed to NBC News on Thursday. She previously was a deputy press secretary in the Department of Homeland Security, is currently Senator Martha McSally’s (D-Ariz.) communications director

Also worth noting Waldman is dating Stephen Miller who works for President Trump.

She’s been a huge defender of the President especially when it has come to his policies at the border in separating families and calling a certain group of migrants an angry mob. Many people in the administration saw this and looked at her as being extremely tough and able to take a beating by the press if she needed to.

Waldman starts Oct. 1, and will be Pence’s top spokesperson as he and Trump head into an election year. She’s already reminding me of Sarah Sanders and I haven’t even seen her in action.

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