President Trump Establishes the U.S. Space Command 7

President Trump Establishes the U.S. Space Command

Today President Trump announced the temporary stand-up of U.S. Space Command in Colorado Springs at Peterson AFB. This marks an important and exciting development for our space warfighters (& bad news for our adversaries). It’s been long overdue to reestablish our dominance in space.

Space Command is a division within the Defense Department that is intended to unify and direct national security operations in space. It’s not the Trump-proposed sixth military branch that’s come to be known as Space Force.

Space Command goes back to 1985, when it was established by the Air Force to coordinate missile defense and surveillance efforts at a time when the Cold War was again heating up.

Last year, President Trump ordered the Pentagon to strip the Strategic Command of its “space‑related responsibilities” and give them to a separate entity, one tasked with overseeing all U.S. military and intelligence efforts in space.

Sounds like we’ve found another way to dump more of our tax dollars into the pockets of defense contractors instead of for the betterment of the country and our people. What kills me is how this money can get approved so fast yet there isn’t any money to provide potable water to Flint, Newark, and all the other cities with poisoned water along with modernizing US infrastructure.

Is this a good idea?

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