It’s Official the XFL has Released the Names & Logos for their New Teams

Pretty soon we can expect a new kind of professional football starting in February 2020, it’s the XFL. Most people anticipating this new start of football have been waiting patiently to see what kind of names and logos we would get from the league.

The XFL has already named all of their head coaches and filled out all of their front office personnel. This release of names and logos comes after months of postponements and delays. I don’t even know if I really like them but here we go.

Your XFL Team Names and Logo Rankings

DC Defenders

Dallas Renegades

Houston Roughnecks

Los Angeles Wildcats

New York Guardians

St. Louis Battle Hawks

Seattle Dragons

Tampa Bay Vipers

I’m honestly extremely disappointed in the logos regardless of how enthusiastic I am for the upcoming season. The names I can deal with, sort of, but these logos look like they threw stuff together by a 2nd grader.

They’re extremely bland and lack character especially when you see the logos for other teams in the market, you could even make the case they stole the logos from other trams and copy and pasted them. This better be a rough draft of logos, because Vince McMahon I’m extremely disappointed in your discretion.

Character is important to a fan base and it’s extremely pertinent when identifying a and identity because what theirs is theirs. People like to feel ownership so they can invest in something they have ties with, this does not seem like it does. Unique these logos are not, compared to the logos 19 years prior from the previous version of XFL were unique, that was them.

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