El Chapo Gets Life in Prison & 30 years Extra

Legendary drug kingpin El Chapo, just before receiving a life sentence, tells a packed courtroom: “The United States will send me to a prison where my name will never be heard again. I will take this opportunity to say there was no justice here.” He was sentenced to life in prison plus 30 years.

The Mexican drug lord escaped twice from maximum-security prisons will spend the rest of his life in a U.S. penitentiary, a federal judge said on Wednesday after accusing him of “overwhelming evil.”

El Chapo Gets Life in Prison & 30 years Extra 9

In February El Chapo was convicted of trafficking tons of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana even engaging in multiple murder conspiracies as a top leader of the Sinaloa Cartel. That cartel has been known to be one of Mexico’s largest, most violent drug trafficking organizations.

Chapo and attorneys said that the case was compromised along with the jurors because he claims they allowed media accounts of the trial to influence their thinking.

He had amassed a double-digit fortune in the billions, had a supermodel wife, El Chapo had it all, but not anymore, then like that, it was gone. Drugs are never worth it. Who knows he’ll probably escape from prison again and the hunt will continue.

El Chapo Gets Life in Prison & 30 years Extra 10
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