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George Lopez Takes Shots at Barron Trump – “Anchor Baby”

Recently George Lopez shared a video of the Trump family on Instagram where he questioned their citizenship legitimacy. George went as far to throw in Barron Trump in the mix too calling all of the President’s children “anchor babies.”

An anchor baby means a kid born by a non-citizen mother in a country that offers birthright citizenship. When asked whether or not it was appropriate to include Barron in his criticisms Lopez said “yes.”

Lopez responded and flipped the question on the TMZ photographer asking “is it right for Trump to separate children from their mothers at the border?” George said,“ it’s fair and don’t give me that he’s a kid line.”

Is this really surprising? This coming from a man that took a Kidney from his Wife, only to Divorce her. Your point is well taken except Barron Trump isn’t an illegal immigrant, news flash he’s not an immigrant at all. Weren’t you supposed to leave the country?

Do you agree with what Lopez said, yes or no?

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