Trump announces Mexico has reached a deal with United States 7

Trump announces Mexico has reached a deal with United States

Trump suspends a plan to impose tariffs on Mexico, says Mexico ‘has agreed to take strong measures’ on migrants.

A tax on all Mexican goods, which would increase every month up to 25% under Trump’s plan, would have had enormous economic implications for both countries. Americans bought $378 billion worth of Mexican imports last year, led by cars and auto parts. Many members of Trump’s Republican Party and business allies have urged him to reconsider or at least postpone actually implementing the tariffs as talks continue citing the potential harm to American consumers and manufacturers.

The move avoids a possible confrontation with Congress over the tariffs, which experts have warned could drastically damage the U.S. economy. The United States imported about $350 billion worth of goods from Mexico last year, including everything from car parts to avocados.

He is a master negotiator is he not? “Experts,” said Mexico would never make a deal, said tariffs on Mexico would hurt our economy, the president deserves credit because he did just that.

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