Trump Unleashes on Jussie Smollet – saying his actions were hate crimes against ‘MAGA Country’

Trump Implies Smollett Case Was a Hate Crime Against ‘MAGA Country’ insisting it was a crime towards everyone who is a Trump supporter and against the President himself.

A judge in Chicago has ordered the file in the Jussie Smollett criminal case unsealed, saying he forfeited his rights to keep the case sealed to protect his privacy by talking to the media before and after charges were dismissed.

So true! Smollett should be tried, convicted and sent to prison. One of his terms of parole should be to write a long, heartfelt apology to Trump supporters and read it on national television, why? Because everything he and the left say about Donald Trump and his supporters was everything they wanted to portray in me that they did themselves. Complete hypocrisy.

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I have an Associates & Bachelors Degree in Criminology with a minor in Political Science. I've been blogging since around 2017, and I am a registered Libertarian.

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