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Which Part of the City Should Kansas City Host the 2023 NFL Draft?

If you’re from Kansas City you’ve constantly heard these arguments:

  • “We have too many hotels!”
  • “We are overcapacity!”

The big question as of yesterday is are we prepared to handle the 2023 NFL Draft? Listen we are a clean city, a lively city, we are large enough when we need it to be and small enough when we need it to be, we are America’s hidden gem.

Which part of Kansas City should the draft be hosted at?

Kansas City shined for the MLB All-Star Game, the World Series, the Royals World Series Parade, and every year during the Big 12 Tournament. So I think the NFL Draft will do just fine here and it opens the possibility of a real football game in the winter at Arrowhead stadium for a future SuperBowl.

One of the biggest questions is where should the NFL Draft be held when it comes to Kansas City?

Union Station & Liberty Memorial
Arrowhead Stadium
Kansas City Power & Light
Nelson Atkins Museum
Kansas Speedway
Country Club Plaza
Richard L. Berkeley Riverfront Park

If I’ve missed somewhere in Kansas City please comment below and Vote above!

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