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New Mexico Gets Rid Of Columbus Day?

On Tuesday, New Mexico officially eliminated Columbus Day as a statewide holiday, replacing it w/one that honors Native Americans’ heritage instead. They will celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day from now on, making it the 5th state to rename October holiday.

Columbus Day was first recognized as a U.S. federal holiday in 1937, but some states like Alaska, Hawaii and South Dakota do not observe the holiday.

No state should be celebrating it. Given historical reality, it’s just celebrating the exploitation of the land and the destruction of its people and that way of conquering with greed and egocentrism led to our revolutionary war.

From the time the world began one civilization overtakes another. The conquerors do not name a day for the losing side, “winners” create the narrative, not the supposed “losers”. And if people know their true history about indigenous people in North America, American Indians migrated to the Continent as everyone else did. Being first doesn’t mean indigenous.

To be fair the real history reads like this Indigenous people actually came from Asia, who initially came from the Ural steppes, who came from Europe, who came from North Africa, those are scientific facts. It’s a good thing we shouldn’t celebrate murderer show as ashamed of being himself. He was a fraud. What’s your take?

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