R Kelley. Is Going To Hell?

As Lifetime aired two of the six-episodes from their docuseries ‘Surving R. Kelley’ last night, we found some real terrifying truths about the so-called King of R&B. He is a massive control freak who stops at nothing for his inevitable final say and pursuit of power specifically over women especially young women and ‘yes men’.
Social media reactions were in some part out control. For some reason he has a tremendous amount of defenders who blame the underage victims at the time of these occurrences who are giving their story to tell I’ve insight into who the mad man really is. Even with all these women giving their personal stories about R. Kelley, I do agree he isn’t responsible alone. Especially in episode two, you have one of the women giving their story and R. Kelley wanting to know if she asks her patents to go to California with him at the age of 17.

Not only that, the former tour manager of Kelley’s (Demetrius Smith) clearly says he would basically enable crowds and really younger women to be aware of the singer’s arrival. The man himself would tell his entourage and backup singers to go recruit younger girls for him, but they claim at the time their perceptions weren’t malicious, not knowing they were doing this for a predator. The whole Aaliyah thing is just sucking insane, This guy Demetrius straight up admitted to forging a signature the clerk’s office for a 27-year-old man to marry a 15-year-old after he thought he impregnated her, really!!!! Kelley and his entire crew are SICK.

During the docuseries, you have a woman who admits having sex with R. Kelley at the age of 17 and the singer convincing her to have threesomes with a young girl who was 16. However as we found out, the other girl was only 13 or 14 years old at the time who he introduced to her. The woman realized after the sex it was apparent R. Kelley had done this with her before. The 14-year-old girl was the niece of Sparkle whom she had introduced to the singer.
What pisses me off more though is that the celebrities who were asked to be in the documentary for commentary denied doing so, yet all have known about his actions and some even parodied the singer because of his actions. Producer Dream Hampton said the only celebrity that would do it was John Legend as we saw. Others such as Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, Dave Chappelle, Erykah Badu and Lil Kim to name just a few she mentioned. This part just stirs the pot for me because everyone knew he was like this and has still been doing this ever since, he hasn’t stopped. Just recently last year a family came out in a press conference demanding Kelley release their daughter, claiming he’s holding her prisoner and is involved with some type of sex cult. Kudos to John Legend✊

Why would people not want to speak out? Their loyalty to him? I don’t know but I have my theories as to why some wouldn’t. Let’s look at it this way, at one time he was charged with 21 counts of child pornography and was found not guilty, how? Well, Hollywood protects their own. We know this stuff has happened for decades just alone in the entertainment industry, especially recently with all the MeToo movement secrets being exposed to these horrible Hollywood elitists. They’ve done horrible things to children, women, and men repeatedly. But insiders have known about it and have done nothing, is it because those who we think are good people really aren’t? Are they trying to save face because they’ve been doing the same thing? Are they not willing to sacrifice all they’ve earned from being souled out for the Real Truth? How many souls have been compromised?
The man belongs in fucking prison and his defenders are pieces of shit. Enablers the defenders may become, and the doubters allow for more incidences to take place. Lock this fucking asshole up, in time all the dark secrets will come to light from all of these evil people in the entertainment, business, and political worlds. His teacher said, “your sins will find you.”
Craig Williams said several times during the interview that he witnessed the bedrooms at the studio and young ladies at the studio- why didn’t he speak up before the interview. That’s protection. That’s the silence that perpetuates the abuse. People just wanna put their hands up until it hits them where they live.

He was a wannabe master and had go-getters who would willfully bow down to him, at the cost of innocent lives ruined, souls damaged, frequent physical occurrences mental destruction. He is a monster. An entire generation glorified that man. Protected him. Made excuses for him. Supported him. From parents, media outlets, teachers, fans and all the other enablers. They all had blinders on.
May victims everywhere seen and unseen find some type of peace and God Blesses them.
Let’s just hope Stranger Things star Willie Bobby Brown isn’t in danger and being indoctrinated with Rapper Drake.

What can we expect in the next four episodes? I’m hit sure if I really want to know. Help us out by subscribing below and visiting our FinFlam Store. Happy New Year!

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