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What’s good everybody! I hope you all enjoy this nice cool Halloween day. It’s already 6 a.m. and you can feel the creepiness in the air. If you decide to go get candy, go partying, do the ouija board or anything else along these lines be safe.

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Donald Trump

Call it what it is, maybe a desperate midterm election Hail Mary. President Donald Trump is floating a proposal to eliminate birthright citizenship by executive order. This literally can’t happen or can it? He would need congressional approval but would come with many legal lawsuits against him. Just remember this was proposed 25 years ago by Harry Reid.

Julian Assange

Apparently, the Ecuadorian government wants to hand him over to US authorities. Julian had recently been denied legal claims against the Ecuadorian embassy claiming they are violating his fundamental rights. The presiding Judge told Assange he would have to obey my a net set of rules, pay for his own meals, and clean up after his cat. The WikiLeaks founder feels this is a way of manipulation to force him out underhandedly.

Synagogue Chaos

Robert Bowers the lone gunman who stormed a Pittsburgh synagogue Saturday and opened fire killing 11 people and injuring six others appeared in court Monday.

Muslim groups have raised over $180,000 to help Pittsburgh synagogue shooting victims. “We’re just repaying the favor,” says Wasi Mohamed of the Islamic Center for Pittsburgh, who noted Muslims have felt similar support from the community in the past.
President Trump and the First Lady walked alongside Rabbi Jeffrey Myers at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh yesterday evening, placing a white flower and small stone on each of the 11 stars honoring Saturday’s murder victims. Rabbi Jeffrey Myers escaped the gunfire that killed 11 in a Pittsburgh synagogue Saturday morning.

Border Caravan

Pentagon official release news that about 5,000 military support personnel will be deployed to the US-Mexico border. The official says the exact number ”could be higher, could be lower.” The uniformed troops will likely be active-duty Army, with perhaps some Army Reserve and Marines. They will be engineers, planners, and military police. Pilots and aircraft will assist in transporting CBP personnel. Troops will not have arresting power and will not interact with migrants. So what is the point of them headed down there? Photo ops?


Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Denver Broncos, 30-23, on Sunday to improve to 7-1 on the season. Mahomes continues to dominate teams and the NFL. Kareem Hunt, the current NFL rushing title holder proved once again he’s a beast, and the best running back in the game.

Washington Redskins

Adrian Peterson run sealed the Redskins’ 20-13 win over the New York Giants Sunday. This gives Washington its third straight victory. AP continues to show he ain’t over yet getting 26 carries, 1 TD and 149 yards rushing. The Redskins now hold a 5-1 record against the NFC giving the team its best start against teams in the NFC since 2005

World Series

The Boston Red Sox won the 2018 World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1 and taking the series win 4-1 on Sunday.
Now that this trash is over and my argument is finally cemented in that Clayton Kershaw is the most overrated pitcher in modern day Baseball. All the comparisons to Roger Clemens are dead. ‘The Rocket’ is and always will be the Greatest. Manny Machado is a dirty player and lost all respect for this guy.
Klay Thompson & the Warriors

Klay Thompson set an NBA record with 14 3-pointers last night. It was his 3rd career 50-point game and he’s reached 50 points in all of them before the end of the 3rd quarter. There have been over 150,000 games played in NBA history. Here are the total number of games in which a player scored more than 50 points in fewer than 30 minutes:
Klay Thompson: 2
Every other player in NBA history combined: zero

Happy Halloween from all of us at FinFlam! ???

Do everything you can to make this one of the best nights of the year for you and your family. Heres how special a Halloween moment can be…

JFK & JFK Jr. in the Oval Office on Halloween, not everybody can spend it like this make sure yours is just as special.

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