October Rants Pt. 2 ?

It’s another wet Monday here in my favorite month of the year, but cold as shit as I have to go drive… but hey it’s October? Let’s see what we missed this past weekend & what the latest headlines were…

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Kansas City Chiefs Vs. New England Patriots

In an epic game particularly in the second half Sunday night, Patrick Mahomes the rookie, went head to head against the veteran QB Tom Brady. It was a shootout and a hell of a close one and neither team was going to quit. But the Patriots defeated the Chiefs 43-40. The next time to check out the Chiefs will be this Sunday night against the Bengals on NBC.
Oh yeah, we definitely learned that through 6 games, Chiefs have given up roughly 2,809 yards on defense. That pace translates to giving up 7,491 yards for the season. That would be a new NFL record for yards allowed in a season, set in 2012 by NO with 7,042. Unacceptable.
Bob Sutton needs to be fired immediately. Pt. 1 of Brady Vs. Mahomes far exceeded expectations.


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Expecting Soon

So, the story is two really privileged people have fucked a few times after they got married?! Yet this is the news the media wants to report when people are starving and dying in the streets of Britain? Isn’t this going to be put on the taxpayers?

Kanye West

So Kanye gets in front of Trump and asks for prison reform, bringing factory jobs back to America and placing them in Chicago, tax breaks, mental health institutions art programs, no more stop and frisk particularly in Chicago and perhaps most importantly better educational programs.
Name the last person to meet a president to discuss ending violence or anything else besides a photo op?
Not to mention he just started talking about mind control, something many celebrities have said goes on in Hollywood.

Michael Bubble Retiring

The other day the singer announced to the daily mail that he was giving his last interview and retiring. It’s said to be because of his sons battle with cancer and made his reconsider the meaning of his life. Whatever your decision is I support you Michael and God bless your family.

Pete Davidson & Ariana Grande End Engagement

I guess he finally realized he didn’t want to be the next satanic sacrifice or she finally took a look at him. But the 5-month bliss is over. TMZ reports they still have a love for each other and don’t rule anything out for their future.


Nikki Haley Leaving

She left the Human Rights Council, pulled the US out of Iran deal, slashed funds to UNRWA, moved the embassy to Jerusalem, and was exaggerated in her support for the IDF when they abuse Palestinian human rights.
She must be given credit for North Korea and making sure sanctions were heavily pressed against them. But I’m glad she’s leaving especially after she walked out on the Palestinians, so much for democracy.

Revolutionary Statue Vandalised

Revolutionary War General Nathaniel Greene was “vandalized” the other day in Savannah Georgia when someone googly eyed him??
There’s a grey area between vandalism and a work of art.

Melania Trump

Recently FLOTUS Melania Trump was on ABC’s 20/20 Friday night.

Sears Says Goodbye?✌

There was a time when Sears was the go-to for appliances & tools. People knew the products, installation was on time & done correctly. Outsourcing, poor mgmt, & not listening to customers finally caught up. So sad. Sears was the first one sold by catalogs. Great company. One of the last stores that helped America to be great. Many memories there.


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