October Rants Pt. 1

It’s a beautiful wet Monday here in my favorite month of the year, October? Let’s see what we missed this past weekend & what the latest headlines were…

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Elon Musk

Elon Musk quietly donates $480,000 to Flint, MI schools to provide safe drinking water. Elon Musk will reportedly pay for new water stations and water filtration for the entire Flint Community Schools district. The entire state of Michigan should storm the State House and City Halls in outrage. Years they lived with dirty water like in an undeveloped country. Fucking sickening.

Pope Francis

Pope blames the devil for Church divisions, scandals seeks angel’s help?. The Vatican is a vast cache of the occult! We don’t need angels- we need justice. We need abusive priests prosecuted. They need to be kicked out of the church. No pensions. That goes for the Bishops that moved them from Parish to Parish! Sounds like Francis is deliberately brainwashing & pushing blame on the devil as opposed to personal responsibility. This pope is a joke and is a detriment to the Catholic church and Jesus’ Christians.
The number of American Catholics who have a “very favorable” opinion of Pope Francis now stands at 30%, down from 62% in October 2015. 7 out of 10 U.S. Catholics now say they have a favorable opinion of the pontiff, down 12 points since the beginning of the year.

Brett Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed by the Senate to be in the Supreme Court this past Friday. Let’s see where we go from here. He has many important cases that will be crucial for America and its protection of the United States Constitution. One of the cases would be for double jeopardy, and whether or not you may be tried in federal court then state courts, the 5th amendment prohibits that.

Venezuelan Passports

The going rate for a black-market Venezuelan passport is more than $2,000, over 68 times the monthly minimum wage according to Bloomberg. That’s what happens when the socialism idea works well. Some Americans are flirting with these disgusting ideas, check it out in Venezuela. Socialism at its finest! ? Finally, someone pointing out how it doesn’t work there and sure as heck won’t work here ??. The kicker is this…ALL Venezuelans who want to leave the country will have to use a national cryptocurrency, the Petro.

People & Pets

Americans now spend more on pets than cable TV, that’s a pretty picture, isn’t it?? Did you get the pun?

James Woods

James Woods has been let out of jail from Twitter and he unleashed on them.

Connor McGregor

Connor McGregor lost in the fourth round at the UFC pay-per-view via submission, then after, a massive brawl broke out between both teams, reminding everyone of Ron Artest and the NBA brawl.

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