September Rants Pt. 2



Tiger Woods ?

What a Sunday it was. We saw history on the golf course and a shootout towards the end of the FedEx standings in the Tour Championship. Tiger Woods came out on top winning the Tour Championship Sunday evening. This is his first win since 2013, marking his 80th career win.
Those who thought you couldn’t, those who wished you wouldn’t, those who kicked you when you were down, have been proven wrong. Congratulations, your resiliency and the power of believing that you can deliver an Inspiring comeback was delivered Sunday evening. You didn’t forget about us either. YOU ARE STILL THE GREATEST!!!

A Legend Grows

Patrick Mahomes was unstoppable again this week in the home opener as the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco,49ers. The comparisons between Mahomes and Brett Favre are without a doubt true. The way he plays the game wins the game and is a guys guy with his team, you can’t force that. Just 3 weeks into the season, Mahomes has thrown more touchdowns(13) in his first 3 games during the regular season than anyone in NFL history.
This is the most fun I’ve had watching the chiefs play since the days of Priest Holmes and Dante Hall and even Alex Smith. The only thing that can stop him is Andy Reid, clearly the worst coach with a lead in the history of organized football. I do not want those flashbacks.
However, let’s just be happy his voice isn’t his moneymaker like his arm is. Mahomes sounds like a mixture between Kermit The Frog and a person on those cigarette commercials talking about “I been smoking for 15 years.” That one isn’t mine…but it’s hella funny. The future is bright with Patrick Mahomes, for the Kansas City Chiefs, the fans and the NFL as a whole.

James Woods

“Free speech is free speech – it’s not Jack Dorsey’s version of free speech,” James Woods said, referring to Twitter Chief Executive Jack Dorsey after getting banned for posting a meme.

So James Woods post this image on his Twitter, and he got suspended/locked out of his account because it’s “meddling in the election”?
James is totally correct, free speech isn’t up for interpretation. Twitter’s bias is no surprise! They allow celebrities like Chelsea Handler spew her delusions with no accountability but had she been conservative, she’d have been banned long ago. This hypocrisy is just getting out of control. We have freedom of speech so we can say offensive things, agree with it or not.
The irony is that it’s coming from Twitter who’s notorious for shadowbanning and blocking conservatives and their posts.

Bill Cosby Faces Sentencing Over Sexual Assault

After an almost 3 year legal battle with 2 different defense teams in 2 trials, Bill Cosby will finally learn his fate on the 3 guilty counts.
It’s amazing how Cosby’s situation had the right in righteous indignation that the passage of time was irrelevant yet here we are with a potential SCOTUS and suddenly time matters??? More hypocritical shit.

Teachers Packin?

State agency rejects an application from rural Virginia school district that voted to arm teachers and other employees.

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