Heroes Of Today

Before anyone gets upset about me leaving out our soldiers, they are our heroes first and foremost. When I say heroes in this context I mean people who have helped this country through truth and honesty in the public light. These people have also maintained sanity in their expression and let truth overcome the orchestrated narratives. To qualify these people must be consistent, precise, have a good track history on what they report and may be influential ideologically. They don’t have to be journalists.

The Heroes…

Ben Swan

Ben Swann is a great reporter who is not afraid of speaking out even though he himself has been censored and once was fired from his job at CBS for talking about difficult subjects.
For me, he has become legendary. Ben Swann is the best journalist in this country. He speaks facts and lays the facts out in his MegaHit segment Reality Check. Whether its ammo, social media outlets targeting their users by censoring them or even the pizzagate scandal in which lead him to be suspended, then fired. He even attempted to bring back the segment but the CBS affiliate said no.
He was deemed right wing-ish due to the fact of him covering and investigating news stories the network said were conspiratorial, yet received millions of traffic for his reports. Nothing he said was ever incorrect. The only narrative they wanted to be promoted was their supposed “official” one. Thank you, Ben.

Ron Paul

It’s not about the man, it’s about the message. Yes, we didn’t win the presidency, but we have many libertarian candidates running all over the United States. They need our support, so if you have a Libertarian running in your state, you need to focus your attention on them winning. Ron Paul was just the beginning of this folks, it is up to us to never let this movement die. I can’t thank Ron Paul enough, he gave me a cause, and a man without a cause is nothing. I have never trusted, respected, any politician till this man spoke, and reminded me what it is to be a patriot.
This was just the beginning.
He now has a youtube channel called the RonPaulLibertyReport. It is extremely laid out in a simplistic manner where the common man can understand the crazy that goes on in the political world today. He is still the most consistent, honest & humble man I have ever seen in politics. He still uses common sense and practicality when its never been common in the political realm. Staying true to yourself proves you can prevail in the long run. Thanks, Dr. Paul.

Julian Assange

You can say many things about Julian, especially because much has been said about him. His creation of WikiLeaks is perhaps the best thing that has happened to world politics and peoples intellect this century. As Jesus said, “the truth shall set you free.” Julian Assange has helped release crucial information to people of the world where governments have overstepped, broken laws, not cared about outcomes and recklessly undercut their citizens.
He has been replaced as editor in chief of WikiLeaks as I write this (9/27), little is known what’s next now for Assange and the news organization. But it is important to note that because of Assange and WikiLeaks they helped expose corruption on a global level. Most importantly it is critical to note WikiLeaks has never ever been disproven in anything they have printed or released. In an age of fake news and bias attentiveness, WikiLeaks is rare, brave, important and needed.
Assange didn’t do it alone, he had help from many brave people, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Sara Harrison and perhaps even Seth Rich.

Jordan Peterson

‘The difference between the individual is far greater than the difference between the groups.”

Amazing. If you know the work of each one of these heroes, this quote will resonate with you. It will resonate because each one of them, especially Paul, come from heavy libertarian perspectives, even Shapiro. Remember the individual is who they stand up & fight for.
I like how clear and articulate his points are. He didn’t seek the public eye, yet ended up where he is by standing up for reasoning and logic. The fact that he seized the moment by publicly presenting his well-reasoned points and backing them with facts and historical precedent is a major step in the right direction, and we would do humanity well to keep disseminating his videos and interviews as far as they can possibly go. The vaccine against rampant stupidity is needing voices like this as active ingredients.

Ben Shapiro

Ben is Ron Paul & Jordan Peterson if they had a kid.
You can agree with him or disagree with him, you can be a big fan or big hater, but one thing you absolutely have to respect about Ben Shapiro is the fact that he treats both his fans and his critics with the same level of respect and manners. This is especially evident during his dialogues/debates or commentary. He always comes from a point of fact not otherwise.

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden has created change in both the world as a whole and in many smaller communities through his actions for truth. He continues to be a truth seeker and activist through various social media platforms. His legacy has created a major difference in the communications and securities industries. Consumers seem to value transparency and ethics more than they did prior, that incredibly important, our privacy is sacred and it’s not for sale.

… My Thanks

With people like this providing unbiased truth and practical solutions to so many problems, we have to thank them for helping us free our minds, encouraging us to think for ourselves. Doing things like this allows woke people to spread the message that suppression of truth and ideas is counterproductive to our natural progression as a society.
Intellectually honest people are always willing to take a new critical look at their own ideas because they value truth more than being correct. Some people can’t be intimated or bought.

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