Did Prince Andrew Reveal Who Killed Princess Diana In Ghislaine Maxwell Tapes?

Last week federal Judge Loretta Preska verbally unsealed documents to be released from a 2015 case against Ghislaine Maxwell as reported by CNN, and you can bet Prince Andrew has an entire library of content to himself.

Do you believe Prince Andrew has knowledge of what really happened to Princess Diana?

Maxwell’s legal team has a week to pursue an appeal to her decision but ordered the court to have the documents ready to be posted “within a week.”

Such evidence includes testimony, sex tapes, names, audio, pictures among many other things we surely haven’t even thought of.

Prince Andrew(Left), Virginia Roberts Giuffre (Center), Ghislaine Maxwell(Right)

Prince Andrew comes off extremely sketchy, just look at his interview he did with the BBC speaking on his long disturbing relationship with convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein.

During the interview, the prince said he doesn’t sweat after an accuser claimed he raped her numerous times while being fed to him by Jeffrey Epstein. Virginia Giuffre is the accuser, the same victim who claims famed attorney Alan Dershowitz had sex with her while she was underage as well.

Giuffre remembers being raped by Prince Andrew so vividly for obvious reasons but one came as a shocker especially because she claimed Andrew sweated profusely during the acts. If you watched that interview who would you believe?

Is it Possible Prince Andrew Revealed that Buckingham Palace was Involved with the Murder of Princess Diana?

Hear Me Out! Here’s my theory! Think bout this! What if I told you there’s more to just Prince Andrew doing things with kids on those recordings filmed by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. What if Prince Andrew revealed who actually killed Princess Diana on those tapes.

Prince Andrew and Princess Diana

Maxwell and Epstein fed off of information, that was their currency and it gave depth to their security blanket of blackmail.

Moreover, the disdain Maxwell had for Princess Diana which was reported by The Sun, states that Ghislaine would get off on bullying the Princess to the point where Diana would cry.

If Ghislaine was that cruel for no reason as we now know she is, what would have prevented her from feeding her ego given her feelings for the Princess? Pride? No! Who’s to say she didn’t question Prince Andrew (a loyal friend) of what really happened to the Queen of Hearts?

Alma tunnel in Paris following the crash

It was already a dirty situation regarding her death as newspapers worldwide were speculating that it was a hit job because once the world found out Diana was supposedly pregnant with the prince of Egypt’s baby. Not to mention things were just off regarding the investigation of this case as all the security cameras in the area were magically turned off in the area, and police blamed the paparazzi, yet nobody helped her to safety as she was still alive in the tunnel.

1994 Mercedes Wreckage

Can you think of a photographer who wouldn’t want to snap the pictures of her there or rescuing her? The hunger for the shot tells me it’s not likely. Not to mention these in the deep state live by symbolism that she somehow wrecked into the 13th column in the tunnel.

Bad Blood Between Diana & Andrew?

Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson

It was also Princess Diana who revealed that Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson were going to get a divorce, therefore making it easier for the Prince to boast about inside information he may have had regarding the death of Diana.

With Ghislaine and Epstein so hungry for currency (information) like this all they would have to is stroke his ego and provide the alleged serial rapist with what he wants in return, children.

Without a doubt, Buckingham Palace has questioned him about secrets he may have revealed over that span of decades dealing with those pedophiles. I definitely think this is in the realm of possibility considering he’s been preparing for legal questioning for some time now and basically been excommunicated from the royal family giving his relationships underage girls, Epstein and Maxwell.

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