Barack Obama Demands South Carolina Stop Running Anti Biden Ad 7

Barack Obama Demands South Carolina Stop Running Anti Biden Ad

The office of Barack Obama is condemning pro-Trump PAC’s ad using the former president’s voice to undercut Joe Biden, calling on TV stations to stop running the “disinformation.” Cease and desist letter coming from Obama’s attorney.

Biden camp calls the ad the “latest intervention in the Democratic primary” and “one of the most desperate yet, a despicable torrent of misinformation by the president’s lackeys.”

I’ve seen just as bad advertisements or even worse from the Democratic side so who gives a shit? All the politicians do this so obviously the ad is working and the Democrats are in full tantrum mode. Even Obama is having a hissy fit especially because he’s the guy who’s never endorsed Biden for president in this election and he’s the one who chose him as his Vice President.

Very telling Obama didn’t do the same thing when Bloomberg misleads people into thinking Obama endorsed him.

Trump is running ads in South Carolina telling people who support Trump to vote for Bernie instead of Biden, maybe because he wants to show the world he can defeat a socialist and give the man the best shot at a real election since his party stole it from him last time.

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