Kamala Harris calls for Inspector General to Investigate Whether Trump Improperly ordered Investigations

After an exchange during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in which Attorney General William Barr took exception over whether President Trump had ever asked for an investigation into his political opponents.

Senator Kamala Harris asked the Justice Department’s inspector general to open a probe into whether Trump made such a request. is this a joke? Seriously? Really?

Will Donald Trump be re-elected in 2020?

During testimony before the Judiciary Committee, Barr claimed he didn’t know whether Trump had suggested he investigate anyone. But since Barr took control of Department of Justice, Trump has publicly called for investigations into Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

People need to realize those aren’t crimes, the President has the authority to do so. Are you afraid you are under investigation Senator? Is this payback for the 8 investigations into Benghazi?

Kamala should ask the DOJ and IG to inquire into whether Obama called a for an investigation into opposition campaign to help Clinton. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right?

After the dead horse, Kamala and the other Democrats have beaten to death with the Russia investigation this is truly grasping for air and its become even more politicized. Give it a break Kamala, you’re not going to win and nobody can defeat President Trump.

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