Chiefs Vs Rams Recap

Last night on Monday Night Football on ESPN the Los Angeles Rams defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 54 – 51 in a mega-matchup for the ages to cap off week 11 of the NFL season.

Both teams offensively played lights out in a shootout and it didn’t disappoint. This for me was the game of the season where the game lived up and surpassed the hype. Combined both the Rams and the Chiefs had a total of 14 touchdowns, 1,001 combined yards. They almost closed in on that record set in last years Superbowl of the Eagles vs Patriots when they accumulated 1,151 yards combined.

Patrick Mahomes threw for 478 yards, six touchdowns, three interceptions, and a 117.6 rating. I know it’s a weird stat, but nobody’s ever had a rating that high with three interceptions. Since the merger, only 18 have done it with two picks. This game was stellar. While Goff had an impressive 413 yards passing, 5 touchdowns and a 117.1 passer rating with 0 interceptions. The Chiefs averaged 7.9 yards on 69 plays while the Rams averaged 6.1 on 75 yards.
The Chiefs are the first team in NFL history to score 50 points in a loss. NFL teams to score 50+ points were 216-0 all-time. Well just imagine if it were officiated fairly! It could’ve been 60+ a piece or more.

It became the third highest scoring game in NFL history and the highest scoring game in Monday Night Football history out of all 773 games played on MNF.

The refs were shit during the first half of officiating. The chiefs were flagged 13 times during the game, some calls right, the others crap. The Chiefs were penalized a total of 135 yards. However, the thing the Chiefs need to pay attention to is when they lose they have averaged 45.5 points a game and when they win its an average of 34.8 points per game.

You can say whatever you want about Marcus Peters but he really loves Andy Reid. After the coaches said their respects to one another in comes Marcus Peters, he grabbed Big Red with tears in his eyes telling him he loves him. We know you never wanted to leave Kansas City Marcus, but you’re a class act when it comes to people you love and respect.
In the interview in the locker room, Marcus Peters was clearly choked up talking about his former Chiefs players and Coaches. Peters told reporters, “I love them and wish them all the best.”
When coach Reid was asked about Peters embrace he said I’m proud of him even more off the field, Reid said: “he’s a good man and a greater father.”

As soon as people saw Patrick Mahomes they compared him to Favre. The similarities are the same with arm speed, strength, accuracy, trick plays, endurance, stamina and as of late interceptions. Brett Favre believed he could make every play and he almost could because of his arm strength, Mahomes without a doubt feels the same.
As I left Mondays game right after Mahomes threw that last interception, I told my best friend, “that’s Brett Favre out there on that field” he replied by just saying, “Favre always went out swinging.” If you’re honest with yourself, that’s exceptional company to be mentioned in. Favre is a top 5 quarterback of all-time. Expect no different moving forward with Mahomes. The competitive nature of both men rule out logic and the need for big plays becomes the sensical thing. Expect Mahomes to go down swinging, because if it works we love him for it and if it doesn’t we knew better.

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