Deep State Unmasking

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Today the website ProjectVeritas.com released the first installment in its undercover video investigational series unmasking the deep state.

This video features a State Department employee, Stuart Karaffa, engaged in radical socialist political activity on the taxpayer’s dime. Karaffa insists on advocating for resistance to official government policies. In addition to being a State Department employee, Stuart Karaffa is also a ranking member of the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America.

The State Department is infested with bureaucrats high on their beltway status with little demi-god complexes who deem all Trump supporters as dirt. Human Rights was cover for Hilary’s shenanigans in Egypt, Benghazi, Russia. Blissful blind-eye & this is why the government is evil and immoral, taxation without representation, enforced by violence, then taxes used to propagandize against its own people to think socialism(even more taxation) is moral.

This man and more like him inside of the State Department is the reason John Kerry believes he can still negotiate with Iranian leaders! Kerry must be looked at as the DSA overlord. With respect, you have to provide context who this guy is. What role does he have? Is he a contractor? Why is he important in any “scheme?” That’s not answered so this lacks strongly needed context. Deep State freaks caught in action. Our taxes pay money to people like this Deep Stater to resist the very free market policies we use to make money for our businesses to pay his bloated salary. You can’t even make this up. #deepstate

How are socialists and communists even allowed to get jobs in a capitalist republic government agency? How are they even allowed on the ballot for elected offices? They openly admit their goal is to undermine and destroy the republic, but I know why. It’s because the greatest document on the planet exists in this country, The United States Constitution. Can you smell the irony?

Karaffa will not be fired. He’s right, it’s virtually impossible to fire federal employees, perversely and particularly, the likes of him. If they fired him now he’s been able to sue on the basis of political persecution and win. The other western democracies are nearly as worse.

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