The Best T.V. Shows of 2018

From drama to comedy its been a great year to just watch television in 2018. The small screen has delivered and it hasn’t failed me yet. With all the bull shit in the news, t.v. has done great things for the mind to escape. These are my favorite shows of 2018.

The List

Yellowstone – This has to be the best new series I have seen in a long time. The writing and acting are superb. From Kevin Costner to Gil Birmingham it’s just incredible. I am excited & anxious to watch the next episode.

The X-Files – Scully and Mulder just keep bringing it after all these years. The cigarette man just oozes evilness the only way he can. There may not be an order of 20 plus episodes a season anymore but the quality is still phenomenal. It touches on the most controversial conspiracy theories of the day along with the Orwellian threat so many of us fear today.

Ray Donovan – This continues to be one of the best-underrated shows on TV since it first aired. Jon Voight and Liev Schreiber continue to kill their competition. Liev deserves a damn Emmy for his work, he is way overdue.

Walking Dead – Rick and Carol are one of my favorite duos ever. They may not be in every shot or episode together, but they are so compelling they deliver the strength to their show more than anyone else. But if Rick is done after this next season, the load falls back on Carol, Maggie & Daryl. Come back Rick.

Match Game – Alec Baldwin is the perfect host for this throwback. I love the nostalgiac feeling I get from watching this. I remember watching the GSN and watching reruns seeing Betty White among others just loving life doing what they do best. This show has the same vibe and I can’t complain.

Black Ink – This is my guilty pleasure, don’t judge me. I met a few of them in Kansas City at a tattoo convention for a project I was working on. I had never watched their show once, but after speaking with them I checked it out. Since then I was hooked. Screw the drama, its the characters that have drawn me in week after week. Besides the faults they are good people, I enjoy them very much.

Stranger Things – Just a feel good show with tremendous young actors who can sell the hell out their roles. Wynona is just a stud. You know it’s a damb good show if you can watch the whole series in one night non-stop.

Family Guy – Peter Griffin, Stewie, Brian and the gang, Need I say more? This just tugs at my cruelty every week and I fucking love it, I get some of the best laughs of the year out this cartoon.

The Goldbergs – Just a great clean humor show besides Beverly Goldberg’s mouth. It captures the 80’s just as much as That 70’s Show captured its decade. The focus on family is always a plus for me.

Bull – Michael Weatherly is phenomenal in his role based off the life of Dr. Phil. He still has that swagger as he did when he was on NCIS, but he shines more in the leading role. Excellent hook with him having a heart attack in the season finale(spoiler). By the way, I quit watching NCIS.

Honorable Mention

Guys Grocery Games
What Would You Do?
The Gong Show
NFL (Duh)
Storage Wars
The Cromarties
Chrisley Knows Best

T.V. Bucket List

The Americans
The Young Pope
Game of Thrones
That’s it for my list , if you have shows you think I should check out please comment below.

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