My letter to Michael Jordan

The Greatest Ever

Michael Jordan you are the greatest basketball player to ever play the game. Your accolades are incredible, from defensive awards to seasonal MVP’s and even going 6-6 in NBA Finals to name a few.

Michael your game and being were more than that, you had an aura about you. When you went on screen my eyes and the eyes of the world were cemented to wherever you happened to be. From the shoes to the clothes to the game, everybody wanted to be like Mike. You being a black man gave tremendous hope to people in so many neighborhoods especially the poor ones and the not so affluent ones. That visual during those times poured fuel on aspirations of so many to be what they wanted to be.

It’s fair to say your legacy is incredible, but where does it stand compared with the others in this world?
For years I heard and believed and knew it was true that Muhammad Ali was ‘The Greatest’, but until you, the conversation changed. You are greatest ever. No man or woman ever thought somebody could surpass ‘The Greatest’ Muhammad Ali, but you did. People think of becoming greater than someone is enough, but you knew different. However, just becoming greater leaves room for discussion. But you’re Michael Jordan, you went beyond that. You knew the only way to overcome greatness Is to become the greatest, you did just that.

As with Ali, you yourself Jordan had a “forgettable” ending for your career according to some. We remember when Ali fought Larry Holmes, it was ok but Muhammad was not “Ali” anymore. Similar to the stint in Washington, you were Michael Jordan, just not MJ. I point this out because it seems people are attempting to diminish who you were and what you did in your career. Moreover, the attempt to replace you with a new titleholder to your throne is spreading.
I will speak to this in one way and one way only. I have an analogy I’m going to use for this.
Let’s say you have two bowlers competing against each other one with an average of 192 (veteran) and the other with an average of 103 (rookie). The guy with a 192 average can bowl a 300 game whenever he wants. However, the rookie with the 103 average has a wild night and bowls a 300, while the veteran bowls a 145. This does indicate the rookie is better than the vet, that night, and at any given moment something can happen.
But in the realm of the 300 game, it gets deeper. The rookie begins thinking he’s better than the veteran overall, the rookie forgets his place. The veteran doubts himself for a moment. It doesn’t help the rookie doesn’t understand sportsmanlike conduct. The veteran getting frustrated gathers himself and informs the rookie of life in this game. The veteran says, “Just because you were able to beat me in this game one time doesn’t mean you beat me in the game in the long run. You may have scored a 300 but you never beat me overall, all you did was tie me, and tying me is never beating me son.”
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People will come close Michael, but never be you. Michael you are the Greatest of this generation and the next. Simply the G.OA.T🐐

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