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Within Myself

Within myself there is doubt, anger, deppression, frustration.
Within myself there is nothing but empty dark places.
The wind that you feel against your skin, is fire to mine.
There is nothing I look forward to each day I wake.
Its the same thing over and over again.
Even if I try to change things up, it doesnt go as planned.
Within myself I am fighting to change who I am.
But the negativity inside of me has put on their boxing gloves.
I win a couple of rounds from time to time, but now?
Its a draw.
I start a new project, and I stop as soon as I get good at it.
Because I lost that round.
When I finish my project the way I wanted, I won.
Within myself there is always a boxing ring.
To be better, stronger, faster, and wiser.
Every day there is a new round.
Im trying to be happy with who I am.
Starting within myself.
#trying #gettingbetter #beyou #fighting #loveyourself
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