Sweet Talker

Smooth words escape your lips,
Lies hide behind your eyes.
Hey Sweet Talker,
What do you see in my eyes?
Do you know what I am going to say?
Can you feel the tension in my heart?
Can you hear the whispers in my heart?
My heart is dangerous,
The whispers are deadly.
Be warned, Sweet Talker….
If you survived the whispers,
My heart is yours to keep.
Be aware,
Your lips are mine,
Along with your heart.
Come, Sweet Talker,
Tell me things you can only say to the one you truly love.
Tell me what you feel when our lips collide,
When our hands touch each other’s faces between our passion.
Tell me,
Why me?
Is my heart different from the others?
Can you see through the lies that linger in my heart, my eyes, my lips?
Sweet Talker,
Even though you lie,
I know you mean every word you say.
Thank you, Sweet Talker.
You taught me a new skill,
If you cant stay true to heart,
Then you shouldn’t have one at all.

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